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Let your braids make the difference. Come to Compound Cut Club and get the braids of your dreams. We're a professional hair braiding barbershop in Edmonton, Alberta, with years of experience in the industry.

If you’re a fan of braids, Compound Cut Club is a passionate barbershop that aims to get the desired results for you. As professional braiders, we’ve experienced stylists who know a variety of techniques and styles.

A passion for unique hair solutions, and with years of experience, Compound Cut Club ensures that you get your favourite braids while maintaining the health of your hair.

Why Braids?

In addition to providing you with an attractive appearance, braids are fun and easy to wear that remain beautiful for months. If you’re worried about your hair health, you’ll be relieved to know that braids are safe for your hair. In fact, they protect hair against a harsh environment. 

Latest Trends of Hair Braiding?

Even if you wish to get a usual braided hairstyle, it takes hours to achieve that. At Compound Cut Club, we help you to attain elaborate-braided hairstyles. We help you achieve braids styles that look fabulous on you. 


We’ve a team of professionals who remain updated with the latest hair braiding trends. So, whatever your requirements are, you get your dream braids at Compound Cut Club.

Here, you can have different types of braids - including Corn Rows, Single Braids, Boss Braids, Dreadlocks, Senegalise Twists, and Kinky Twists. Also, if you’ve a unique idea in your mind, then talk to our hairstylist about it. We’ll create a design based on your idea.

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